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Nightwear is an absolute must-have. Kick back in style with SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE, Williamstown, Victoria.

Whether you’re looking for pyjamas or night gowns, our extensive range of women’s nightwear will cater to your every need.

Women Nightwear Williamstown

Treat Yourself Right Even When You Go To Bed

The best way to unwind after a busy day is to indulge in beautiful and comfortable sleepwear. There is something luxurious and relaxing about treating yourself right and wearing proper pyjamas.

At SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE we help you relax in style with our range of sleepwear and robes for women. Our range includes comfortable and fashionable night dresses, night gowns and ladies pyjamas with tasteful sleep sets and chemises.

Relax in style in our sleepwear and robes

Luxurious Sleepwear

Nightwear is the comfiest form of clothing that a woman can own. Whatever be your choice of nightwear, SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE has it all. We provide quality and comfortable nightwear.

From our extensive range of selection our professional and experienced staff offer private fitting options to help you find the most comfromtable nightwear garments. Visit our store today to discuss your options or to get a fitting.

The comfiest form of clothing that a woman can own and can cure a bad mood like no other

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  • Trustworthy and friendly team
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Affordable
  • Fitting advice

Feel comfortable even when you sleep