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Whether you're looking for a push-up effect, or silk and lace bras, SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE stocks the perfect bras to shape your silhouette for you.

Based within Williamstown, our expertise allows us to highlight your best qualities. Our passion is to find the right fitted bra that will work magic and make you feel fabulous.

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The Best Bra For Your Breast Type

Just as the right clothes help you feel your best, the right bra boosts confidence and helps promote good posture. However, finding the bra type that fits your breast perfectly is not as easy as it seems. There are thousands of styles of bras, each designed for a specific body type.

At SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE our experts assist you and outline the bra types and their underlying benefits. Moreover, they help you select the correct bra type for your breast type.

Bra types that fit your breast

The Right Band And Cup Size

Most women wear the wrong bra size without realising it, which can cause underlying posture issues. Many of them are unaware of the different types of bras and those that are made to fit their bodies perfectly. While the band on your bra may be comfortable, the cup size may be too small or big.

At SPECIALTY FITTINGS LINGERIE we have developed a unique ability to survey, study and custom fit the right bra. We help find the most comfortable, flattering bras with the right band and cup size.

Find the type of bra that is made to fit your body perfectly


  • Berlie
  • Triumph
  • Fayreform
  • Playtex
  • Hot Milk
  • Givoni
  • Essence lingerie
  • Billy Dreams
  • Elomi
  • Prima Donna

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